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Do You Have Obesity Problems?
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Do You Have Skin Problems?
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Do You Have Depression Problems?
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Welcome to

Dr. Supriya Anil Jaiswar

Why Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is another form of medicine that emerged anciently and that makes it around 200 years old. The studies have claimed to stimulate every cell in our body to help us recover from illness. The effectiveness of Homeopathy is directly proportional to the health condition described by the patients properly. 

How does it work?

Homeopathy helps to stimulate every cell of our body that have healing properties within it to fasten recovery on its own. Homeopaths indicate that sometimes symptoms may temporarily get worse but ultimately they get better. It is necessary that you should tell this also that your condition has gotten worse. 

Is Homeopathy safe?

Homeopathic medicines are made from a variety of sources like plants, animals, and minerals. Homeopathy is safe and free from a serious adverse reaction. But still, you need a proper practitioner. Do not take medicine by yourself as we all know that Knowledge can be very dangerous if it’s half knowledge.


We’re women, not machines

We are not designed to be constantly optimized. We’re designed to unfold in our own unique way, guided by the intelligence & natural design that’s written into our cells.

Constant focus on optimizing ourselves & our lives is diametrically opposed to what truly nourishes a woman’s soul.

Soul & self is as much a reminder to my own feminine soul, as it is to yours.

I know about new things from my family always but my opinion toward people is different. I believe everyone should get whatever they want in their life, we are not Gods but at least we can be good to people and this inspires me the most. In order to continue, we need your support to serve those who are real achievers. And I know if I can then even you can do it. 

Stay happy & Believe in yourself 

-Supriya Anil Jaiswar

Diseases We Cure

Skin Problems

Homeopathy has effective treatments for skin problems like Eczema, and skin rashes or allergies. We all know that the human skin is hypersensitive and so conventional treatments can result in skin irritations and dryness. 

Ear/Eye Infection

Otitis Media is a common ear infection that you or your child may suffer from. Our homeopathic remedies are the best possible options that you may opt for and you can easily get ear drops from your nearby pharmacies.


The percentage of depression has increased to a higher level, especially among the younger generations. It has always been a matter of concern knowing the history of treatments done to the suffering patients.