Supriya Anil Jaiswar


Obesity has been a serious issue as it is the cause of increasing death rates throughout the world. Homeopathy has an important role in taking control of the situation and has offered treatments based on the classical therapies used in homeopathy.

Skin Problems

Homeopathy has effective treatments for skin problems like Eczema, and skin rashes or allergies. We all know that the human skin is hypersensitive and so conventional treatments can result in skin irritations and dryness. Psorinum is a common remedy used to cure skin infections. For symptoms including dry and itchy skin, we recommend graphites as a beneficiary remedy. These are completely for informational purposes, different skin issues need different medicines as per recommended by your medical practitioner so never try to use self-prescribed remedies.

Digestive Problems

Indigestion may occur due to many reasons like eating unhealthy and junk food, stressful environment, and food allergies. Homeopathy has provided much secure and instant relief. To understand the effect, take one dosage of the medicine and stop till it shows a response. Remember to consume the medicines according to the advice of your doctor.

Ear/Eye Infection

Otitis Media is a common ear infection that you or your child may suffer from. Our homeopathic remedies are the best possible options that you may opt for and you can easily get ear drops from your nearby pharmacies. The constitution is quite simple that contains highly diluted substances in order to merge with the symptoms. Other than ear drops, we have capsules available as well.

Hair Fall

Hair loss or fall is the most common problem observed everywhere due to overstress, smoking, an unhealthy diet, and so on. The solutions prescribed by homeopathic doctors have a history of effectiveness as the reviews have always been positive and 95% satisfactory. The progress in these treatments is always handled after a careful analysis of the case histories.

Anorectal Disease

Anorectal diseases are unusually debilitating conditions. It is basically a narrowing of the rectal canal. It can really be from muscular stenosis and stiffness. We believe in immediate measures to cure both acute and chronic anorectal problems. The best part is that there are no harmful side effects of our remedies.


For regulating important body functions, the Thyroid is an essential hormone-secreting endocrine gland that has the capability to control the metabolism rates and directly affects our weight. Reduced thyroid hormone is the main cause of hypothyroidism where the patients feel depressed, wearied, constipated, have menstrual problems, and so on. On the other hand, hyperthyroidism is caused due to excess secretion of the thyroxine hormone that increases your body’s metabolism rates leading to weight loss, non-uniform heartbeats, etc.
We have an effective set of remedies to control the problems.


The percentage of depression has increased to a higher level, especially among the younger generations. It has always been a matter of concern knowing the history of treatments done to the suffering patients. Nowadays people are more worried about the side effects of antidepressant pills and so some of them are taking help from homeopaths. Over the years homeopathy has shown its efficiency in the growing issues of depression and has successfully proposed combined counseling sessions and prescribed homeopathic medicines within the traditional homeopathic fundamentals.

Liver/Kidney Diseases

Liver Problems are not age-specific and ignorance can lead to life-threatening consequences. The healing properties of homeopathy can cure both acute and chronic liver issues. The additional advantage is that it shows no side effects.

Asthmatic Condition

Asthma is a serious medical condition that needs to be taken care of. The professionals related to homeopathy prescribe diluted medications to heal the problem as these minimal doses activate our body’s defense mechanism.