Supriya Anil Jaiswar

I am very grateful to have you as my family Doctor – Mrs. Reshma Bansode

Nice, Doctor really help me with my weight management – Miss Shruti Chavan

She is really healing my daughter’s ALLERGIC rhinitis (chronic cold ) -Mrs. Mahadevi Joshi

We are really thankful to her for our (Infertility) illness, it took time for to us recover of us mentally & physically but everything fall into place, thanks to her. – Mr & Mrs Nike

Free from thyroid it nearly feels impossible for me, but thanks to her she helps me a lot with this, also my weight issue will still work on it and I know she will decently help me with it. – Miss Rajeshree Mane

Follicular tonsilitis was like ulcers in my mouth and as an outsider in puna was a headache for me but now with HOMEOPATHY and my Doctor wit vanishes like nothing happens in there at all, now I can eat my favorite foods – Mr. Sanket Jadhav

I personally see people having fungal infections(tinea cruris) like having a common cold, In every 3 patients 2 patients have an itch, & spreading like in no time; Although its painful people just ignore it, and don’t want to talk about it; but you have to say about it, bcoz further it gets worsen that even hard to controls it from spreading, At least for your family, Homeopathy has excellent results on it, & we here to help you – Dr. Supriya Jaiswar