Supriya Anil Jaiswar
  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator increases your heart rate, helps with balance, and improves lower extremity strength. 
  • If you work from home or have transitioned to virtual conference calls, schedule a walk during one call per day.
  • I do this a lot, when you are shopping, try walking lunges down the supermarket aisles while holding onto the cart. Go for it. 
  • Swap out your office chair for a stability ball. This can help you with back pain and help to improve your posture, and while sitting on the ball, you can do some gentle mobility stretches for your neck, pelvis, and spine.
  • Adding in a few minutes of walking time here and there adds up over time and can increase your daily step count.
  • Get more time outside, teach your kids about caring for others, and spend quality time in the family being active and moving your body. 
  • Dancing is a fabulous way to burn calories and work on your balance and coordination.
  • Games like these can be played with people of any age, as well as indoors or outdoors. My family has a blast playing pin the tail on the Donkey and freeze frame dance party and we all are sweaty and tired afterward.
  • If you watch a 30 min show and move the whole time, that’s 30 min of exercise you didn’t have before you can limit it to when the commercials come on if that feels like a good place to start.
  • People who took 7000 steps per day had a 50% to 70% lower risk of dying from all causes after 11 years of follow-up when compared with people who took fewer steps each day. Have a happy walk.